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Gentle steps against the ground.

Hallowed territory forbidden to all.

Dark corners and cobwebbed walls.

Graveyard silence and crunching grass.

Your eyes focus as you come to a stop.

What you see shocks you to no end.

For you are on forbidden ground and have seen what must not be seen.
If some of your close friends didn't like me, held a grudge against me, etc. And said I was a horrible person, would you still like me?
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Within the woods, there was a clearing, and in that clearing there was a farm. It was situated near a road, easy access to the city and towns below. There were many animals on the farm, but noticeably, there were dogs, a family of them, all border collies. Generations had lived upon this farm all keeping the humans who owned them safe. Alert, vigilant, and most of all quick. The same applied to the young female who currently was outside. A pure blood border, just like her mother and father and her siblings.  Maybe a bit of outside breed, but mostly border.

She stood outside, feeling the wind against her fur. It was calm and soothing, just as she liked it. Overall nothing out of the ordinary. The scents were fine, distant and inviting, save for one. Something hit her nose, a strong musk that stung ever so slightly. Before she could even react, something fast and hard hit her. Immediately she twisted as she hit the ground. Something was atop her, pinning her down with two paws. A pair of golden eyes stared her down, matching with her brown.

“Gotcha sweet heart.” the creature said, opening up its maw and lolling out its pink tongue. The border collie winced as the pound of pink flesh bore down and ran itself across her face.

A sound escaped the collie, it was short and high pitched. It was a giggle. “Oh Wing you!” she said tapping the nose.

“You missed me Dorothy?”

She answered with a lick of her own. “What do you think?”

The figure allowed her up and so she did. The figure itself was another dog. At first glance he would appear to be a Saluki, but his black fur and white underbelly indicated a mixed heritage. For reference, there was a labrador in his bloodline. Possibly mixed. And as one would guess on the border collie's exclamation, his name was Wing. And as another guess, the collie's name was Dorothy.

“I'll take that as a yes.” Wing said pleased, licking his nose.

“Hey don't lick my kisses away.” Dorothy responded with more licks more fervent and persistent.

Wing countered with his own, and even more. He reached for her tail, and Dorthy fled. The pair continued their little chase for a few minutes as they reached the front porch. Then Wing came to a stop, he sniffed the air and grinned. There just below him was a food dish filled with kibble.

“You going to eat that?” asked Wing, a trickle of drool dribbling down.

Dorothy came to a stop, her cheerful face coming to an annoyed frown.

“Actually...” but Wing was already chowing down, noisily and greedily. “Just go right in there don't you?” she frowned with annoyance.

Wing quickly gulped down the kibble releasing a healthy burp to the air. “Hit the spot! Thanks babe.”

Dorothy's look of annoyance remained. “Did you come to see me or just eat my food?”

That was a question that could go both ways. For as long as she had known Wing, the male was a bottomless pit. He had shown that multiple times on his little visits. Heck he'd probably eat a whole bag if one didn't stop him. And trust me, Dorothy had.

Wing flashed a smirk, holding down another release of air. “Can't it be both?”

Dorothy's frown faded a little but spread up to her brow. “You're lucky I wasn't hungry.”

“Well you can eat me up anytime.” Wing saddled with seduction”

The closer he got, the more Dorothy found herself smirking. “Noted.”

They were facing one another, close as they were possibly able. Their eyes met and they embraced their necks together.

“It's really good to see you babe.” Wing said with earnest honesty.

“I've missed you two.” Dorothy responded.

“So have you thought about my offer?” he asked.

“Offer?” Dorothy said with confusion. She thought for a moment, before she realized. “Oh....that.” she backed away, “Wing I don't know.”

“What's the problem?” Dorothy's silence disturbed him. “Come on it'll be great! Just the two of us against the world. Sleeping where we want, eating where we want, marking whatever territory we please! How could you not want that?”

Dorothy had faced this question before, it wasn't exactly an easy one to answer. Wing had presented this idea to her many times, and each time she met him with uncertainty.

“It's not so easy for me Wing, I've got a life here, a family.”

“But what about us? I'd like you to meet my family.” Wing spoke almost pleadingly.

“Wing I love you but I'm not like you. I can't do what you do.” Dorothy's voice lacked confidence. “Just go where I want and do what I want.”

It wasn't as simple as she was putting it, but Wing admitted, he did have a it more freedom due to being wild.

“Hey there's nothing to worry about.” Wing ran a paw to her face. “You know I'd take care of you right?”

Dorothy looked to him with a solemn trust. She did trust him, she knew Wing meant it with his heart. “Wing I....”

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

A gruff voice interrupted them from behind. Wing and Dorothy both looked on to see a male border collie, his fur slightly scruffy from age.

“Papa!” Dorothy blurted. Wing said nothing, but his face told anyone else he would rather be anywhere but here. Dorothy's father plodded his way up the stairs, his teeth bared and ready. “Now Papa calm down.” Dorothy pleaded but it fell on deaf ears as her father barged his way to Wing.

“I thought I told you never to come back here!?” the old male growled.

Wing held his head up as Dorothy's father glared up at him. “Ah.....well hello there sir.....I was actually just leaving now.”

“Wing!” Dorothy called but they both knew it was over....for now.

“Hey don't worry I'll be back.” he reassured.

“No you won't!” Dorothy's father barked. “You wild dogs are all the same, thinking you can just waltz in and do what you want!”

A low growl rumbled from Wing. His eyes grew to slits. “Hey old man! If it weren't for wild dogs like my grandmother and step-grandfather, Akakba......Akura........Aki.......Akumo.........the bear with the overly long name would have killed everyone!” his face slightly blushed at not being able to get the name right.

“Git!” the elder border collie yipped.

Seeing no other option, and not willing to fight, Wing straightened himself up and walked off. He kept going leaving behind a satisfied father, and a dismayed Dorothy. But just as he was about ot head into the woods, he came to a stop, and craned his head behind him. His lips parted into words forming a sentence.

I'll be back.

Far as she was Dorothy could see it and hear it. Even as her father went into another disciplinary rant about the dangers of wild dogs, she whispered something as well.

I'll be waiting.

And so the two lovers parted for now.
Star Crossed Lovers
Wrote something Ginga related. First time in a long while. For those who don't know, I've been heavily reconsidering rebooting my fan fiction "Echoes of the Forgotten". Not because I hate it, it's just that it's been really hard to write for lately. So I've been reacquainting myself with the Ginga series and came up with this. I guess this story could fit both within the original version and the potential reboot. Just a little glimpse into Wing's future. Again for a refresher, Wing is Cross's grandson through her eldest daughter Mayu, one of the pups she left behind before she joined Ohu. Once more, feedback would be appreciated.

So what's your verdict? Real or Fake? Frankly I don't know anymore. I'm a tad skeptical due to that cop showing up so fast. Or maybe he's a security guard?
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Well, I did it. I finally finished the outline for my novel. It's not very good, and I have a lot of connections to make before the final draft is complete. But I am sure I can do it. Now is it normal for an outline to change as the story goes on? The outline I made was pretty basic but I suppose I just have to fill in the blanks right?

In any case, this is a big step for me and hopefully I can make this work.

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If some of your close friends didn't like me, held a grudge against me, etc. And said I was a horrible person, would you still like me?
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