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Has anyone watched this show? I've seen a few episodes on Netflix, and I enjoyed it.
  • Mood: Joy

Anger rises from past transgressions.

While one could talk, he chooses destruction.

With a furious shove, he knocks him down.

She screams and pleads, but to no avail.

With a smash goes the screen, the tv is gone.

And with a storm, he stomps out.

With a sledge in hand, he goes to the car window.

And with a swing, it shatters, sounding the alarm.

Inside her, something snaps, she can't take it anymore.

“I want a divorce!” she screams, leaving him stunned.

And that was when one thing changed.

A family torn, no longer together.
This poem is based off the latest Psycho Video.
The Thunder Lands. Dangerous was the immediate word that came to mind when one traversed across it. In fact, it could rank as one of the most dangerous places in the Digital World. A vast strain of rock and grass all strewn about into a haphazard path. Metal antennae dotted the landscape, various conduits that drew in the electricity. Most of the time that is.



A cry followed by a jump as a bolt struck the ground.

“Wondrous.” One such being held different sentiments besides fear. “Truly a wondrous sight to behold.” the voice was high class and very proper.

“It's scary!” the other voice whined. A sharp contrast to the other voice.

“Oh Tsunomon! Do show some courage!” the other voice chastised. “If you don't face your fears you will never reach the rank of acolyte such as myself.”

A sigh escaped the one known as Tsunomon. “Yes Fairydramon.”

The two voices in question, belonged to that of digimon. Two in exact number but different in size. The first one, the smallest was nothing but a ball in shape. Orange body with a pale face. Red irises and a slightly curved horn jutted toward the heavens. Tsunomon, In-Training level. Next was a Rookie. Average sized for a digimon of that type. To appearances, “it”, or rather “she”, would look exactly.  A green dragon at first glance. The classical image of one only on two legs. Claws, talons, but there lay a difference when one regarded the wings. Instead of two membranous bat like appendages, there were a pair of fairy wings. So a fairy dragon would be the better word to describe it. A pair of light green antennae bobbed backwards from the head. Completing this was a pair of reptilian eyes, only colored violet. And there lay Fairydramon.

Fairydramon was careful as she scanned the sky and smelled the air. Everything felt stormy true but she was keeping a clear eye for something. “Those two lights, they were nearby weren't they?” she said.

“Lights?” Tsunomon mimed, “I didn't see any lights. I was too busy looking for a place to hide.” Tsunomon wasn't afraid to show his lack of courage. Especially in a place like this.

“Oh Tsunomon must you be so cowardly?!” I mean really!” Fairydramon exclaimed. “Have you forgotten the Sanctuary picked us to undertake this task!?”

Tsunomon stared down at the ground, a tad ashamed of himself for his lack of a backbone. Then again, he really didn't have a backbone in this stage of his evolution line.

“This world has been gripped with evil, and only the Five Lights can save it. So onward!” Fairydramon declared. “We must sally forth and find them!” the draconic Rookie delivered that last line with such passion, the only thing missing was a round of fireworks.

Each and every time this happened, Tsunomon merely gulped, sighed, and said. “Whatever you say Fairydramon.”

And that's the way it was. Neither one of them could divert that route.


Sakura was the kind of girl who was used to most anything. She handled things in stride. Nobody quite knew how she did it. She supposed being the only woman in her household did that. She was someone who shouldered a lot of responsibility upon herself. But what had just happened to her now? This was an entirely different story. One moment she was in a convenience store, just a quick little stop along her way home. She could have afforded a little snack. Just a little snipped of chocolate. Of course, that's when “she” showed up. It was a mere stroke of fate one would say.

Not just one teenage girl had strode in, but two. Sakura was a local, they knew her face, but the other girl? Well Sakura didn't get enough of a look at the cashier’s response to the new arrival. Sakura's fingers moved across the candy stacks, delicately stopping at the choice she had selected. Hershey's, always a classic. And with nuts. Taking it, she walked over to the counter, before she noticed something out of the corner of her bespectacled eye. Maybe it was just a trick of the florescent lighting? The cashier didn't notice. Was it best for her to just ignore it? That question itself was important, but by the time she made a decision on that it was too late.

Is that all miss?” the cashier had asked.

Oh what?” she had said. “Yeah sure. Sorry.” The ding of the scanner beeped.

Beep Beep!

And that's when everything went gray.

What the hell?” A voice behind her asked.

And that's when “it” appeared. In a flash of light it floated down right into her palm. She was staring at it right now. A small pink device with silver gray buttons.

“Hey four eyes!”

Sakura was snapped to attention upon hearing the dreaded nickname Her glasses glinted upon the lightning storm raging above her.

“Huh? What?” she managed to say.

“You going to quit gawking at that thing or what? It's creeping my out.”

Creepy? Her? Well she hardly felt being labelled as creepy was fair, but what could she do? “Sorry.” she meekly replied.

What became quickly apparent to the two girls was their location. They were no longer in the convenience store, but an outdoor place to be precise. A storm ridden land to be precise. With antennae poking out serving and conductors for a stray lightning bolt. Frankly they didn't know quite what to make of this place. It wasn't anyplace in Japan that was for sure.

But that wasn't all that was strange. No, that would be her new clothing. Where as she once wore a sailor fuku school uniform, she now wore a violet colored shirt with a matching skirt. Along her arms she were a pair of silken lavender gloves that went up to her arms. She wore a pair of violet boots with lavender straps. And although she couldn't see it, her glasses had gained a pink color to their metallic coating. Frankly she liked the new clothing, but wondered where her school uniform went?

“Come on where are they?” the other girl asked herself. She fidgeted in her clothing, searching for a sign of something precious to her. First were her pockets, she fingered it and then voila! Out she pulled two items. One was a lighter, while the other was a pack of cigarettes. “Sweet! What are they doing in my pockets though?” she wondered aloud. Before she had hidden them in a more....conspicuous place, but she guess when she received her new clothing, they transferred there. Speaking of which, the other girl was dressed in a new outfit as well.

The other girl now wore  a white tank top with a denim pair of shorts with a flame design upon them. She had also gained an indigo colored beret and earrings in the shapes of fists. Lastly she wore a pair of blue shoes which carried the flame design as well.

But this girl had a name. Everyone in school knew it: Asuka Jun. Of all the girls in school, why did Sakura have to wind up with her? It had been a mere stroke of fate that the two of them were in the same convenience store. And an even greater stroke of luck for them to be whisked away into this strange world.

Jun ignited the flame of the lighter and brought it to the tip of the cigarette. An orangish flame lit up against it and soon Jun exhaled a plume of smoke.

“You know you shouldn't smoke.” Sakura cautioned.

“Hmm?” Jun pondered.

“It's-It's bad for you.” she remarked nervously as she noticed Jun was glaring at her.

“Hey I won't tell if you don't.” Jun smirked.

Sakura gave a disgusted glance at her acquaintance. “It's disgusting. It stains your teeth, makes your breath smell, and it can kill you.”

“What doesn't kill you these day?” Jun retorted. “Besides I don't need a lecture from some four eyed geek.”

Sakura face faulted. “Geek?” she repeated. It was the glasses, she just knew it. But that wouldn't get her down.

“So have you figured out what these things do?” Just asked, shaking something in her fist. It was another one of those devices. Key difference was that Jun's was colored blue as opposed to pink, with those same silvery gray buttons.

“I'm not sure.” Sakura said inspecting her own device. “Maybe if I fiddle with the buttons?” Sakura begin to press the buttons, and to her surprise, the screen at the center began to flash. A strange grid like map appeared and she immediately noticed two glowing dots: pink and blue. Pressing the buttons again, the map spread and she noticed three others. One far off, colored red, and two others together, yellow and black. “Not sure what I just did, but I think we're the pink and blue dots.” Sakura figured that at least.

“Well that helps us loads.” Jun sarcastically retorted. As far as she was concerned, they were no farther than when they first started.

“We should probably get moving.” said Sakura. “I don't like this storm.”

A flash of lightning caused her to jump. Jun merely flinched. “I gotta agree with ya four eyes.” she agreed. “The sooner we get out of here the better.”

The question was, where do they go from here?” As far as they could see there was nothing but land. And those antennae probably wouldn't serve them forever. The best thing to do was move however. And so that's what they did.

“You know? I just thought of something.” said Sakura. “Maybe we're not the only humans here?”

“What makes you think that?” said Jun.

“Well I-eeekkkk!” Sakura jumped again as a flash of lightning startled her.

Jun scoffed. “Seriously? Still scared of a thunder storm? What are you four?”

Sakura flushed with embarrassment again. “Well I-”

“Look. If anyone's leading the way it's me. I got the balls after all.” said Jun.

Sakura was just about to point out the inaccuracy of that statement, when she reminded herself to wisely keep her mouth shut. No one argued with Asuka Jun. Not if you wanted to wind up seriously hurt.

“Now what were you saying about before?” Jun said as they picked up the pace.

“Well I figured that-”


Before Sakura could speak, something crashed into the ground before them. Both girls were taken aback, knocked on their back more like it.

“What the hell was that!?” Jun exclaimed.

“I-I-I don't know!” replied Sakura.

It was right in front of them. Something small had impacted the ground. Both girls gradually got to their feet, dusting themselves off and took notice of what had fallen before them. Cautiously they approached, keeping a generous distance away. Once they had gotten close enough, they were surprised as something emerged. It was blue, that was the first thing that came to mind. Blue and red. A blue ball, rounded as much as it could be. But what set this apart from other balls, were two arms and two legs. Red limbs with white gloves and boots. Metal studs set on the knuckles, hard looking too. And upon it's “forehead” a strange horn like extension pointed to the heavens. It was shaped like a lightning bolt.

“What the hell is that thing?” Jun asked.

“I don't know.” said Sakura.

The creature blinked its red eyes, and then narrowed them down. “All right all right! Whatcha doin in my turf toots!?” the creature spoke in an accent. Not too heavy but it was noticeable.

“Excuse me?” Sakura blinked.

“It freaking talks?” Jun questioned.

“Sure I talk! Any self respectin Digimon can talk!”

Digimon? The name was foreign upon both girl's tongues. But there was no other word to describe this thing than “monster”.

“Now spill it! What are you two freaks doin in my territory?”

“Your territory?” Sakura repeated.

“Who the hell you calling freaks?!” Jun demanded.

“I call em likes I sees them. I aint seen anythin like you guys before.” the digimon said. “And as for your question, yeah, this here is my stompin grounds. And I aint letting any dames put their filthy hands all over it.”

Sakura was just about to apologize for trespassing in another's territory, when Jun practically leapt in there.

“Listen up you little pinball! I'll walk wherever the hell I want.” the teen protested.

“Um Jun?” Sakura meekly chimed.

“Can it four eyes!” Jun shot. That certainly shut Sakura up.

The girl and the digimon leaned in close, eyes staring into one another. Jun didn't back down and neither did the digimon. Both were of strong will, but in the end, one would be stronger. A bolt of electricity sparked forth. Jun fell back, for the spark had emerged from the digimon.

“You still wanna back that up toots?” the digimon asked.

Another spark lit up, emerging from its palm and looked ready to lob.

“Jun. I think we need to go!” Sakura hotly suggested.

Jun stared at the energy but hardly looked ready to flee. The digimon only smirked, prepping up the energy all the more. Jun continued to stare at it, a strange feeling swelling up inside her. Something she hadn't felt in a long time. Nervousness. The digimon prepared to lob the energy, and right at that moment, Jun moved.

“Okay! We need to move!” the older girl proclaimed.

Sakura didn't need a reassurance to follow that. She took off running in the same direction Jun went. And in that instant of running, Jun had dropped her cigarette.

“Yeah keep on running you dames!” the digimon yelled. “Just remember! This here spot is the property of Thundermon! And don't you forget it!” Thundermon grinned triumphantly. Sure there were many spots to claim in this area of the Digital World, but this one he took particular pride in. He was a territorial fellow and he too was prideful of that fact. His eyes looked about for signs of any more intruders into his domain. But thankfully he found nothing. He was just about to take off into the air when something caught his eye. It was small and very thin. Least from the distance he saw it coming. And it was coming in close.

“What da heck is that?” he said, noticing it's distance was now closing in.

As close as the object became, he noticed something about it. There was an orb in front of it. A black orb, crystalline in shape. Something clicked, a metallic sound. Four arms parted away, giving an impression of a claw. The object turned around so now the claws were facing Thundermon. Thundermon could only watch as the object grew closer, and closer, and closer.


“You......think.......he's.........following us?” Sakura asked between breaths.

Jun kept running, keeping up a good pace. “How.......the.......hell........should........I........know?” she answered back. She had long forgotten about her cigarette and didn't really care for loosing it. She had more after all.

The two girls had kept on running since Thundermon had chased them out of his “territory”. How a tiny digimon could proclaim a patch of the identical land “his” was beyond either of them. But that's the way it was. The more they ran, the less time they had to notice their surroundings. Sakura was the first to find that out, for she didn't see that rock at her feet. Just a tiny trip and she fell right into Jun. Both girls tumbled and fell, encircling one another. The felt the grit of the ground beneath them as they rolled. And then they came to a stop, just as they hit something else.

“Ugh......nice going there four eyes.” Jun groaned.

Sakura loosened herself from Jun, feeling the open air against her sore skin. “I'm sorry. I must have tripped.”

“Ya think?” Jun spat.

“Oh dear. My head.” an unknown voice spoke.

“That hurt.” Another voice spoke, this time in a whine.

It then dawned upon Sakura that she had run into someone else. “Sorry.” she apologized.

“No no it's quite alright.” the voice, the female responded.

Sakura froze. Now that she realized there was another voice she swirled right around. As did the source of the voice. And when both eyes met, they couldn't believe it. Sakura was staring down what she thought was....... No it couldn't be her mind thought. But there it was. A dragon! And then she noticed the fairy wings. The antennae, the eyes, and overall the one defining word that filled her being.

“” And let us mention again, the wings. “So.....CUTE!!!!” Sakura grabbed hold of the dragon fairy, pressing her close. “Ohmygoshohmygosh!” Sakura exclaimed all at once. The girl bounced up in the air, hugging the reptile all the while. “You are by far the cutest thing I have ever seen!” Sakura said nuzzling the creature as if she were a doll.


And then Sakura realized what she was doing.

“Oh my!” she blushed, and then she released the creature with a plop to the ground. Taking a moment to gather herself, Sakura bowed. “I'm so very sorry. I just're adorable.” she sweatdropped.

The creature did as well. “Oh well yes that's understandable. All is forgiven.” she said in her posh proper British voice.

“And your accent!” Sakura continued to exclaimed, letting loose a tiny squeal. “Sorry.” she excused, realizing what she was doing again.

All the while Jun watched with a shake of her head. “Ugh.” she muttered.

“Excuse me. Can you get off of me please?

Jun heard a tiny voice below her. Right between her legs to be precise. Looking down, she noticed something pinned between her legs. Just comfortably there, and ever so close to her.......area. The moment she noticed it, Jun let out a scream. And that very scream startled the thing between her legs. Like a little ball with a spike on it. Jun didn't care what it was. All she knew she wanted it away. And what better way than a little show of force.

“Stay back you pervy creep!” Jun cried rising high and sending something down upon the creature: a foot to the face.

The poor little creature took it in full force. “But what did I do?” he asked as Jun pulled her foot away. Upon his face was a red foot print.

“My word. Such violence.” the dragon exclaimed. And then she took notice upon the two creatures before her. Firstly towards Sakura. “Smooth skin?” she said feeling the softness of Sakura's skin. “Fur atop their heads!” she said noticing Sakura's hair. “Hmm the lenses around the eyes don't appear to be a shared trait.” she said noticing Jun's lack of glasses. “Young lady. If I may ask. Are you and your companions by any chance humans?”

Sakura responded with a nod. Once the dragon heard that. She jumped for joy.

“Oh wondrous joy! Oh rapture! We've found you We finally found you!” the dragon exclaimed.

“Eh-excuse me?” Sakura said in bewilderment.

“The legends are true! Oh Tsunomon it's just like Angemon-sama said!”

“Great.....ouch.” Tsunomon whined.

The joy was palpable, evident within the air. The two humans could even feel it.

“I believe introductions are in order. My name is Fairydramon.” greeted the dragon. “And this is my associate Tsunomon.” she directed over to the spiked ball digimon. “Now if I may ask. What are your names?”

“Oh my name?” said Sakura. “Well I'm Sakura, and this is Jun.”

“Yo.” said Jun.

“Sakura and Jun. Simple but they invoke a certain amount of character.” Fairydramon noted.

Tsunomon looked up at Jun, awe in his eyes. “Jun looks really strong.” A soft glare from Jun shut him up.

“So Fairydramon. Where are we? What is this place?” Sakura asked.

“Yeah and you better spill some answers reptile.” Jun said with a threatening motion.

Fairydramon (and especially Tsunomon) noted the mark of aggression within Jun's stance. “Ah yes well you are in The Digital World, the realm of the Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short.”

“Digimon?” Sakura repeated.

“Digital World?” Jun added. “Couldn't come up with a more creative name?”

Fairydramon was taken aback by that statement. As far as she was concerned,  “Digital World” was a fine name. “It's to the point.” she excused. “Now I know you both must have numerous questions, but Tsunomon and I have been dispatched by the Ice Sanctuary on an important mission. And it's imperative that you both come with us.” said Fairydramon as she grabbed hold of Sakura's arm.


Tsunomon began to nudge Jun before he received another kick the the face.

“Hold on lizard! I aint going with you or some living plush toy!” Jun protested.

“Plush toy?” Tsunomon repeated.

“Now I know this is a lot to take in. But the fate of our world rests in your hands.” Fairydramon explained.

Jun was still resistant, while Sakura was more confused if anything. “What are you-”

Just then, a flash of lit hit the ground near them. All the respective parties scattered as it hit.

“What the heck was that?” Jun exclaimed.

Suddenly, something zipped by. Flashing by bringing a gust of air. The gust stopped just as the object rose just above them. It was small and round. But most of all, they could sense a particular feeling off of it: malice.

“Look!” Sakura cried.

Staring up, all respective parties could see it was in fact Thundermon.

“Oh great. Not that guy again!” Jun griped.

Indeed it was the same Thundermon. Least they thought so. He was the only one they had seen anyways. Yet something was off.

“Look....his eyes.” Saura said pointing up.

Thundermon's eyes were bright red. “!” Thundermon bellowed. Charging up another bolt of energy, he lobbed it at the group.

“What's wrong with him?” Sakura questioned.

“He's asking for an ass kicking!” Jun said cracking her knuckles.

“He's scary........hide me!” Tsunomon said hiding behind Jun.

“He don't use me for cover!” Jun protested. Grabbing hold of the small In-Training digimon, she thrust him forward. “Your some kind of digimon right? You got a special attack don't ya?”

“Well yes I do.....” Tsunomon meekly said.

“Well do something!” Jun demanded.

Shaking from being yelled at, Tsunomon opened his mouth and cried “Bubble Blow!” A trail of bubbles emerged, floating upward to Thundermon. They popped upon impact but to no effect.

Jun stood there for a few moments. Everyone did, sweatdropping all the while.

“That was it?” said Jun, completely unimpressed.

Tsunomon looked absolutely dejected. “I did my best.”

“Look something's on his arm!” Fairydramon alerted.

Straining their eyes, the rest of the group noticed something clasped against his arm. What was most noticeable was the round object shining glossily.

“What is that?” Sakura asked.

“I don't know. But I sense an overwhelming feeling of darkness wafting off of it.” Fairydramon noted.

Tsunomon shivered at the very sight of it. Jun just stared, uncertain that such a small object could be a great source of darkness.

“Get off my turf!” Thundermon shouted again preparing another energy ball.

“Look out!” Tsunomon shouted, attempting to break free from Jun's grasp. Something sprang up inside him, a feeling he hadn't felt before. He saw that energy ball coming, and everything seemed to slow for him. The girl just stood there, shocked and uncertain of what to do.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

Amidst everything, a beeping sound was heard, and then following that came a flash of light, coming straight from the device at Jun's hip. That very light enveloped Tsunomon and he felt something overtake him

Tsunomon! Digivolve to!

The light died as Tsunmon's form began to shift and change.


Jun watched with wide eyes as the digimon took on a different form. In place of the horn ball, lay what could be described as a penguin. The same shape, stout figure, yellow beak with a blue tip, only instead of black, the feathers were a bright blue, with a white belly. Situated in the center were a trio of v shapes going down. At the end of the flippers were a set of red claws and the same on the yellow feat. And lastly a wavy pair of what appeared to be ears. Blue with white tips.

The bird digimon looked at Jun with his warm orange eyes and said, “Get down!” Penguinmon cried at last breaking free of Jun's grasp and pushing her down. The electric ball soared past and struck just between the two human digimon pairings.

“ changed!” Jun exclaimed in shock.

“He digivolved! He actually digivolved!” Fairydramon likewise exclaimed. “The legends are true. The power of the Five Lights at full witness!” the little fairy dragon was bundle of excitement.

“That's great and all but what about him?” Sakura said breaking the mood.

Thundermon look read and raring to attack once more. He didn't bother charging up another ball of energy this time. Instead he centered his body and zoomed downward. He was heading towards Sakura and Fairydramon this time. Fairydramon took a look at Sakura, and like her digimon companion, she held a strange feeling inside her. And she did what her heart told her to do.

“What are you doing?!” Sakura exclaimed.

Fairydramon didn't answer. She just took Thundermon's hit and fell backwards.

“Fairydramon!” Sakura rushed over to the fallen digimon and held her in her arms. “Are you okay?”

The dragon smiled. “Don't worry. I'm fine.”

Sakura smiled. She didn't know why she felt so relieved Fairydramon wasn't seriously hurt, but she was.

“We have to get that device off of him.” said Fairydramon.

“But how?” Sakura asked.

While this question was going on. Jun and Penguinmon were left alone with one another.

“Hey, can't you do something?” Jun asked.

Penguinmon took a look at the angry Thundermon and shivered. “He looks really mad. I.....I don't think I can do anything.”

Jun let out a groan. “Perfect. Four eyes gets a dragon and I get stuck with a wimp.”

Thundermon looked ready to charge again. “My turf!” he cried.

“Alright. Just trust me. I'm going to goad him.” Fairydramon explained.

“But that's crazy!” Sakura protested. But that didn't stop Fairydramon from stepping in front and executing her plan. Sakura remained silent and slowly, just slowly, decided to trust the dragon.

Fairydramon stood out in front, arms, wings, and even her tail up. Thundermon took one look at her and prepared to charge. Sparks of electricity littered his body and he prepared to strike. Revving himself up, he shot forward and launched himself towards Fairydramon. Fairydramon stood still, eyes focused upon her fellow digimon. Sakura, Jun, and Penguinmon watched carefully. Well Penguinmon cowered behind Jun. Thundermon neared, and Fairydramon waited. He was close now and just about ready to strike until.

“Fairy Flame!” Fairydramon cried, spitting out a pink colored flame from her mouth.

Dodging she directed the blast towards Thundermon's arm. The flame hit and ignited against the metal. It was as if combustable or something. But it didn't last long for Thundermon zoomed on by. Yet he was momentarily distracted by the attack itself. He halted just above them, and readied himself yet again.

“That's it. Come on again.” Fairydramon dared.

The digimon took the bait and charged forward. Now Fairydramon was prepared and a prepared digimon always had a plan. Thundermon neared and Fairydramon closed her eyes. She waited, focused. Another fire attack wouldn't do. No, something physical was needed. Thundermon was just close enough that Fairydramon at last opened her eyes.

“Fairy Slash!” With a dive forward, Fairydramon slashed her claws upon the arm object.


The glass upon the object shattered instantly, and the arms deleted into gragments. Thundermon halted, back turned to the party. Turning around, the other's prepared themselves for another attqack. But they immediately noticed something: his eyes were no longer red.

“Huh.....wha?” Thundermon groaned. He took a look around and scratched his smooth bald head. “What da heck happened.”

“He's back to normal....almost.” said Sakura, referencing the fact that Thundermon didn't look surly.

“Is that necessarily a good thing?” Jun asked.

Penguinmon took a gander from behind Jun's leg and shrank back. “He still looks scary.”

“Greetings Thundermon.” Fairydramon greeted. “You were placed underneath a wicked control. I recently freed you.”

Thundermon blinked in confusion and stared at his arm. “I remember. That metal thing just attached itself to me. After dat, my mind went blank. Thanks I owe ya.” Thundermon was grateful, but there was still one last thing to amend. “Sorry about earlier ya dames.” he said rubbing the back of his head.

Sakura merely grinned and said, “It's okay. I'm just glad your okay.”

Jun rolled her eyes. “Little goody two shoes.”

“I gotta make it up ta ya though. Hows about I show ya the way outta dis place.”

Fairydramon nodded. “One moment please.” the dragoness turned to Sakura, eyes just as hopeful as when she first met her. “Sakura was it? Well I know this is a lot to take in, but please, I need you to come with me. I promise I will allow no harm to come to you or your companion.” she reassured.

“Hey what about me!?” Penguinmon protested.

Fairydramon ignored that remark.

“But why are we so important?” Sakura asked.

“Because he digivolved.” Fairydramon pointed to Penguinmon. “It is said the Five Lights have the ability to induce digivolution within digimon.”

Sakura took one look at her pink device. She remembered the glow that had come from Jun's blue one. Could this little device really be capable of such power she thought. Though she didn't quite understand anything, she knew she and Jun couldn't traverse this world alone.

“Well alright. Besides. I owe you for saving us.” said Sakura.

Fairydramon's face lit up and she leapt into the air fluttering her wings all the while. “Oh huzzah! Oh splendiferous! Finally. The Five Lights will come together and save the Digital World from evil.” she proclaimed before landing. “And to think I was assigned to this very task.” she said with tears in her eyes. “Oh Tsunomon...I mean Penguinmon. We can return home with our heads held high!”  Turning her head aside, she muttered. “And we'll show that pompous little Salamon a thing or two won't we?”

“Um. What was that last part?” Sakura asked, her ears picking up traces of a little aside comment.

Fairydramon realized what she had just said, “Oh nothing! Nothing at all! Come, we must journey onward. Lead the way Thundermon.” Fairydramon said composing herself.

Meanwhile, Jun and Penguinmon were left to their own conversations. “We really don't have a choice in following them do we?” she asked the little bird.

Penguinmon let out a sigh. “No. We don't”

Jun sighed as well. “Thought so.” Fishing inside her hidden stash of cigs, she relit a new one and blew the smoke into the air. It was just one of those days for a cigarette. And as they walked away, the lightning raged above.
Once upon a time.

Long long ago.

There existed boy.

So small and frail.

He journeyed through the woods.

Searching for adventure and fun.

While on his path, he spied something out of his eye.

It was tiny and furry and cute as a bun.

And in that meeting, another tale began to unfold.

Once upon a tim.

Long long ago.

There was a rabbit who was found by a boy.
Ohu was at peace. Ever since the death of Hougan, a relative calm had spread over the dog paradise. Though peace could cause anyone to become lax, it was not so for the soldiers of Ohu. No matter what length of peace, they would rise up if a new threat reared its head. It suited most of them, the fighting life, but they welcomed peace all the same. The same couldn't be said for one. Standing tall this one fine day was a black labrador. Possibly mixed, least that's what some would gather based on the strange markings around his eyes. They were wing like, almost akin to his name. Bat of Shingan observed his surroundings, though not in the manner most were accustomed to. For if you looked at Bat, you would notice something right away: two scars along his eyes, running down and from the appearance of the wounds they were strong, strong enough to render blindness. Those pale orbs moved about about, trapped within as they felt the invisible wind upon them. Though blind as he was, Bat had other ways of keeping tabs on things. Oh he was sharp, strong, and with one sense gone, his others were stronger still. Smell, sound, touch, but most of all, his mind. That was the sharpest tool he had. Still fresh after his long years of travel. A lone wolf one would say. Owing allegiance to no one.

Yet, it wasn't always that way. Once he had pledged his loyalty to one. Hougan himself. Oh he was one of the best, the best chosen to lead as a general. One of four to be precise. Oh what a terrible force they had been! Striking down all in Hougan's name, all in the glory of conquest. And then it happened, they, or he had lost. He remember that loss well, that was when things had changed for him. The better some might say. Yet instead of killing him, they spared him. Shocked was what he had been for the most part, but in some ways he welcomed it. Maybe it wasn't what he would have done, but it was a new concept. Mercy could be considered a sign of weakness. Yet Bat knew for the Ohu warriors, it wasn't the case. No they were still strong despite showing kindness towards their enemy. For it was that very kindness that had moved him. Enough to switch sides. Loyalty be damned, Hougan was the enemy now, and it had been that way since his fall. And then peace.

Though now that very peace was tasting bitter against Bat's tongue. Yes, as much as he had tried to adjust, to accept, but now it was obvious to anyone who witnessed him, Bat was starting to tire of Ohu. Tired of the complacency that had overtaken the camp. He just couldn't welcome it, couldn't take it in. And that's when he felt the wander lust. It was a lust he had been no stranger with. A lust he hadn't felt in such a long time. And then he heeded it. He took the first step out of Ohu and didn't look back. He didn't stop to say goodbye to anyone. Allies they may have been, he didn't feel a considerable sense of kinship with them. Sure they were Hougan's other former generals. One would expect him to form some sort of bond with them. They had fought together after all. But such a way wasn't the same for everything. Not everything was as clear and saccharine as they would expect.

And so Bat of Shingan began to wander, seeking out what was missing in his life. But the question was, would he find it?


The wilderness stretched on in the mountains. This great hilly area which encompassed much of the land. Forest sprang from it, coating it in a green sheen. Birds flew through the blue sky. Nature at its best. And that best suited the beasts who lived there. But the best held its darkness. Nature was a two sided coin. It held its good points, and also its dangerous points. Many had seen the dangerous bits of nature, some more often than others. But only the weak were crushed by it. And Mayu wasn't weak.

Through the grass she stalked, carefully, stealthily. She had practiced it many times and it had engrained itself into her. She was a true huntress, proud, strong, and full of luck. A spring and a step and.......dang! She missed it.

A mocking squawk shot back at her as the bird flew away, high into the sky.

“Yeah go on fly!” Mayu barked upward. “Next time you won't be so lucky.” her voice lowered. Standing there for a few moments, she turned her head down from the sky. “I'm getting sloppy.” she told herself. Frankly her hunts hadn't been going too well. She didn't know what was up with her? She hadn't been able to catch a bird for the past few days now. Shaking her head, she scratched herself, a stray flea perhaps? That's just what she needed, fleas. Little parasites sucking her dry. That's just what she needed. Just another in a long list of poorly timed events. Story of her life she supposed. But it was her life to live. She just had to deal with what was thrown at her. Yet, she still felt hunger gnawing at her. With her appetite, she could probably eat a whole bear if need be. Probably a gross exaggeration, but she was just plain hungry.

Perhaps it was time for something new on the menu? Since she wasn't having any luck in the avian department, maybe she would have better luck in the land group?

And so Mayu stalked off, nose to the air and body ready. Her alert mind rehearsed the steps in her head. No matter how bad her run of luck was, they couldn't take the huntress out of her.

Something in the air. She caught something. Sniffing high she grinned to herself.

“Rabbit.” she said licking her lips.

Just the kind of meat she needed. When in doubt, hunt a rabbit. That's what she always said. Well she never really said that, but she thought she could stand to say it a few times.

Mayu lowered her body, ready to pounce, but first she needed a sight, something to notice, something to snatch. And she found it. Just there, off in the distance, white and just plumb full of meat. Slowly she stalked, nose forward, mind ready, and body poised.

“Just a little further.”

Step by step, nary a motion.

“Don't move.”

It wasn't. It remained still. It hadn't noticed her.

“Nibble at that grass now.”

This was too easy. All she had to do was just.


Something emerged. It was huge, and black, and full of strength. Whatever it was, it had snatched up the rabbit in its jaws. The rabbit struggled but a quick shake was enough to keep it silent. And in short time, it fell dead. And that's when Mayu noticed. It was another dog. A labrador. A large black labrador. Fear swelled up in her at that moment. Had they found her? Was he one of....wait? No he wasn't. He wasn't one of Cain's. He didn't have the smell. That was good. She now had the courage to sit up and shout, “Hey you!”

The canine halted, it's burly frame still imposing nonetheless.

“Just who the hell do you think you are?!” Mayu headed towards the dog, still high off her previous bout of courage.

The dog set down the rabbit, paw still firmly in place upon it though.

“Excuse me?” the dog's voice spoke out, deep and stoic.

“That rabbit was mine!” Mayu insisted.

“Your's?” said the dog.

Now Mayu was starting to get annoyed. “What are you-”

“Blind?” the dog finished.

And that's when Mayu noticed the dog's eyes. “Oh my. I.” Mayu found her words mixing, finding a random assortment as she came to a realization.

“Well um........I just......” Now that Mayu was up close, she couldn't help but notice the dog held a certain.......quality to him. Something about the face, and the body, and those scarred eyes just screamed.........wait a minute! What was she doing!? What was she thinking for that matter?

“Do you want this?” the dog asked. Offered it seemed like it.

Mayu was at a loss for words, but she soon found them. “Never mind.” she relented. “Just take the damn thing.” Mayu wasn't about to be offered anything. She knew when she was beaten. In fact she felt oddly embarrassed. And she didn't know why. She merely walked off and left the dog behind. She didn't even look back, but for some reason, the image of that dog wouldn't leave her mind. Something about that black furred body. And the scars. They certainly were manly.

Meanwhile the dog just stood there, paw still over his prize. Yet for some reason, he felt bad. Victory just wasn't as sweet when someone else had claim over. Then again, with hunting first come first serve. But still, he just couldn’t shake that female from his mind. Though he could not see, he felt a great strength emanating from that body. But that would have to be put on hold for now. Bat's senses were picking something up. He sniffed the air and soon felt a dawning.


A rumbled erupted in the air, soon to be followed by lightning. Already Bat could feel a few droplets upon his nose. They pattered slowly until they increased in succession.

There was no time to waste. He had to find shelter. Otherwise he would be caught. He wasn't too keen on sleeping out in the rain. Not like before. Not like back then. He wouldn't go back there. Those moments of weakness and desperation. And so he began to walk. To search. His mind's eye open to whatever possibilities he could present himself with. There had to be shelter somewhere, and he would find it.


The rain continued to fall at a steady pace. Pattering into a shower. The drops dripped from the leaves. The very sound was lulling, drawing everyone into slumber. Mayu didn't witness it. She had her back turned, trying to ignore the gnawing feeling in her stomach. She was regretting not excepting that kill from that dog. Damn her pride. Sometimes it just got in the way. But she was the one heeding it. In essence she was a slave to it. And a slave often had trouble breaking away from its master.

“Shut up.” she told her gut.

Her gut only responded by grumbling once again. Nevertheless, she grit her teeth and ignored the hunger once more. She wasn't ready for another hunt, not now. She would rest and wait, especially for the rain to die down. She didn't relish the idea of hunting in the rain. Too many slippery slopes and enough to break a paw over. Yes, it was best to wait.

Her overall den was large enough to accommodate her. It was large enough to house a whole family. Not that she was getting ideas. In fact the very thought of having puppies unnerved her. Last thing she needed was someone else to care for, someone to risk loosing. No, she was better by herself.

She was lucky enough to find this place. Her den was nothing more than a cavern underneath a tree. Quite a lucky find if you asked her. And she wasn't one to turn down a bout of good luck. She needed it. Slowly Mayu found her eyes growing heavy, drifting off into a slumber. Her body could still feel however. Felt the air around her. She could feel it coming from the entrance. It was heavy and full of force. But she welcomed it. She was safe inside. Nothing could get in. Well that wasn't exactly true. The entrance was wide open. Someone could just waltz in there, but she didn't have to worry. Who would want to see her.

The air continued to blow forcefully. But then, something changed. The air was disrupted, momentarily but noticeable. Least with a clear mind. Mayu was half gripped in sleep. And she was almost there. Jut a few minutes and she would be there. But that wasn't too be. And once she felt that disrupting the natural flow of the cavern. Mayu snapped her eyes open as she felt something brush up against her.

“What......the?” she muttered, still shaking off the sleep

“Huh?” she heard another voice speak. One that was deep, and all too familiar.

Now Mayu fully snapped awake, swirling around only to face. “You!?” she exclaimed.

“You?” the other voice spoke in a softer tone.

It was the other dog from before. His fur just as black as ever, and his eyes still scarred.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Mayu hotly asked.

“I-” the other dog began.

“Well what is it?”

“If you just let me-”

“You trying to move into my turf?!”


Mayu came to a halt.

“Look. I wasn't trying to take your den. I was just looking for shelter. That's all.” the dog explained.

Mayu's surprised face firmed and she listened to her fellow canine. For some reason, she could believe him.

“My apologies. I didn't sniff to tell your presence. If you desire I'll leave.” said the male dog. And he turned around to leave, back into the cold.

Something inside Mayu stirred. She found herself feeling a sense of sympathy towards this stranger. Maybe she was getting soft?

“Wait!” Mayu called. The dog came to a stop. “You're going to catch your death out there. You can stay here the night.” The dog turned around, blank eyes staring in her direction. “But only for tonight.”

“Fair enough.” the dog said. “I'm Bat by the way. What's your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” Mayu asked suspiciously.

“I just want to know the name of my host. That's all.”

Mayu softened her expression. “Mayu.”

“That's a very lovely name.” Bat spoke.

Mayu wasn't taken in easily by flattery. But strangely she found herself blushing around Bat's presence. And damn she had to admit he was handsome. Those shoulders, that body, and those scars. Hot damn those scars made him look sexy! Mayu quickly brushed those thoughts aside. And that made her turn around.

“This is a nice place. You have here.” said Bat.

“You can't even see.” said Mayu, not caring if she came off as rude.

“I don't need eyes to tell that. It's spacious and convenient.” said Bat.

That much was true. And Mayu had to admit to herself, this Bat held some good taste.

“So where you planning to stay once you're out?” Mayu asked settling down into her former resting place.

Bat shrugged. “Don't know. I'll find something I suppose.”

“Well like I said, this is only for tonight. So don't make a habit of asking me whenever there's a sprinkle.” reminded Mayu.

Bat settled well into place, making himself comfortable for his temporary stay. “Mayu craned her head back, noticing Bat had his face to the front.

“I sense things better when I'm facing them.” said Bat, somehow noticing her presence.

Mayu turned her head back around and settled herself in. Her guard was lowered, and she relaxed herself as she prepared to sleep. Once again she was finding comfort around this Bat. And likewise Bat was feeling the same way about Mayu. Both still didn't know why. But they ignored it for now. For now, sleep was the only option presented to them. And by morning, the deal would be over and they would part ways.

After all. It wasn't like they would see each other after this again. Right?
Has anyone watched this show? I've seen a few episodes on Netflix, and I enjoyed it.
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