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Stealthy, silent, and quickly. That was how the hunter worked. Silently he slithered through the grass, a  lithe string of scales and flesh. Yellow eyes remained ahead, never straying from his intended path. A rustle made him stop. The grass had shifted slightly indicating movement. He wasn't alone.

Immediately he figured he had been spotted, his position given away. His blue scales made it hard to blend in within the grass, but he knew that was a poor excuse. Color didn't matter to an adder. That was  what he was taught and he obeyed it. Irregardless, he had to gather his wits. His tongue darted out; the scent remained. Now wasn't the time to pride himself, the hunt must continue.

He slithered slowly along taking extra caution to track his “meal”. It was close. Something small, but enough of a morsel for him. Once again he stopped; he was close. Now was a better time if any.

“Jussssst like mother taught you.” His words lowered to a whisper.

With a hiss he raised! Fangs bared, dripping with poison and ready to snap shut against an unsuspecting mammal. A mouse? A vole? Or even a rat? To his dismay it was neither of the three. Indeed it was something tiny, but it wasn’t full grown. Before him lay a baby. How could he tell? Well Weasel's weren't that small.

Before him was a baby weasel. It's fur was a tannish brown, very light with a slight ruffle of hair atop its head. The creature stood wide eyed as the reptile raised above it. Said reptile kept his fangs out, ready to strike, but he didn't move immediately. A good hunter didn't pause. By now it should be within his gut, falling to the process of digestion. A bulge that would shrink until it fell to another process: a process that was best left unsaid.

Indecisive as he may have felt, it only furthered once he heard a sound. It was a sound he had heard before, but nothing like this.

“Ahahaha!” The weasel giggled in a girlish jingle. At least he now could identify “it” as a “her” or a “she”. “You look funny with your mouth open like that!”

“Uh?” He muttered before shutting his maw. “Oh my.” He ran his tongue across his lips for some odd reason.

“Wow! Your tongue is all skinny. Not like mine.” The she weasel stuck out her tongue for emphasis.

The adder didn't know what else to say but, “I ssssuposssse it issssss.”

“And how come you talk funny?” The weasel asked.

The adder cocked his head in confusion. “Funny? What do you mean?”

Another giggle escaped the child, “Like thisssssssssssssssss.”

He had forgotten how his kind tended to draw out a certain letter in his speech. To others it certainly did seem strange.

“I sssssssupossssssse sssssso.” He chuckled just as the she-weasel. “Anyway, what are you doing here little one?”

“Explorin.” The child answered, “What about you?”

The snake slithered out his tongue hoping for the scent of something else. “Hunting.” He answered, and sadly he found no further scents.

“Oh so you're hungry?”

The child was sharp he gave her that much. But he had to know something. “You aren't afraid of me are you?”

Snakes weren't known for being the kind of animal one would want to run into.

“Why should I?” the child crossed her arms. “I'm not scared of anything!”

Bold as the child wanted to appear, the snake could tell a front when he saw or heard one. Something else his mother taught him. Young as the weasel was, she still had yet to learn true fear it would seem.

“So? What's your name?” The weasel spontaneously asked.

The question itself took him by surprise but he felt it rude not to answer. “Sssssssssinuous..........The Second.” He answered.

“The second?” The child looked befuddled. “Are there two of you?”

The question itself was innocent. “No no, Sinuous was my father's name.”

Eyes widened in understanding as the child finally got it. “Oooohhh. Well My name's Scamper! It's nice to meet you Sinny!”


“Yeah! That's your nickname. Sinny Winny!” Scamper resorted to another set of chortles.

Sinuous or Sinny Winny chuckled at it too. Odd for a snake to do so, but he wasn't like any other snakes. His mother had made that quite clear, ever since he was small.

“I ssssuposssse it is.” He responded to the child's joy. “But where'sssssss your mother little one.” He asked.

Scamper opened her mouth, body leaping nearly leaping with excitement, but fell. “I don't have a mum.” She responded. “She died when I was really little.”

Sympathy fell before the snake. “I'm ssssso sssssssorry.” He nearly reached out towards the child but then recoiled his tail just as the child leapt again.

“But I've got my Dad! And my Grandma and Grandpa are the best!”

The child wasn't an orphan. That much was good.

“Do you have a mother Sinny?” Scamper asked innocently.

His mother. “Why yesssss I do.” He answered.

“What's she like?”

How to describe his mother. That was not something that could done so easily. “Sssssshe'sssss complicated to sssssay the leasssst.”

Scamper cocked her head. “What's that mean? Is she nice? Is she mean?”

Once again, that wasn't such an easy thing to say. “A bit of both actually.”

“That's gotta be confusing.” Scamper let out a giggle. “Nice n mean!”

That was his mother in a nut shell. She had her good moments, and she had her bad moments.

“What about your daddy?”

Then came the hard question. It was sudden but it was there. “My father? He died before I wassss born.”

The child's happy demeanor fell immediately. “Awwww! That's so sad! I'm so sorry!” The child's face was full of sympathy. Sinuous had seen it all too often before. The boy without a father. Only one other he knew held that title.His mother spoke sparingly of his father, save for when he asked. He supposed it was too painful for her. All he really knew was he looked rather close to his father. It seemed he and the child had some things in common.

“Scamper!” A far off voice called. Scamper stood at alert, head and tail up.

“Sorry Sinny, but I gotta go home now.” The young weasel darted off the way she came but stopped momentarily. “It was nice meeting you Sinny Winny!” And then she was gone.

Sinuous II stood there motionless for a few moments. Then, he grinned and waved his tail. “You too Sssscamper.”

And so the young snake slithered off to find a new meal. But it wasn't an empty hunt. Oh no. After all, it looked like he caught a new friend.
New Meetings
Another tale about Scamper. Been a while since I have done one of her. Though this time its of her as a child. Not one of my best Scamper stories, but it's something short and cute. I hope. But dang it it's hard to come up with new stories! Now I'm sure people can already guess who Sinuous II's mother is. It's pretty obvious. I'm not sure how most would react to Adder having a kid. To be honest I hope she does since she deserves some happiness. Though I could not picture her as being overly loving. Least that is just me. I don't know, I just write what I feel. Though if anyone has suggestions for a Scamper tale, feel free to share.

Well hope you enjoy and Scamper belongs to :iconfischotterchen:, while Sinuous II belongs to me.
Dragons are awesome. They are my favorite mythological creatures next to unicorns. So of course I am drawn to anything featuring them. Some of the time that is. It's rare to see dragons in a positive light. Most of the time they are portrayed as antagonists for the hero to fight. But if you keep looking you will find something that portrays them as protagonists. And this is what this cartoon is about. I saw this cartoon back when I was a kid and I loved it. Does it still hold up?

Lollipop Dragon came out around the mid eighties. The story is set within a fictional land known as “Tum Tum”. Obviously it's supposed to reference the word “tummy”. The entire kingdom is themed around lollipops. In fact that seems to be the kingdom's entire economy.

The movie starts with a rock theme called “Let The Magic Surround You”. I have to say it's a good opening theme. The melody is uplifting and frankly it makes me feel good. During the song, we see three young dragons overseeing work on a lollipop factory. We have Glider: the blue one in a baseball cap. Blue Eyes: the pink one and the only female (with the bows and all). And lastly Cuddles: The yellow one and the only one without an indication of gender. He or she never speaks which makes me think this one is mute. What's interesting is that each baby dragon has a special power. Glider can fly, Blue Eyes can shoot non lethal blue beams from her eyes, and Cuddles has this ability to instill love in others. And lastly we have Lollipop Dragon. He's big, he's green, and he's got no special powers. Well you can't have it all. It's unknown what his relation to the young dragons is. But I'm guessing he is a guardian or something?

Today is a special day within the kingdom, for it is the annual festival where the town's magic lollipop is dipped into the fountain to purify the water for lollipop making. Attending this are the dragons and the royal family: The King and Queen of Tum Tum, and their children Prince Hubert and Princess Gwendoline. Right off the bat, we can tell that the king is very absent minded while the queen is more composed and wise. The ceremony is off without a hitch, but as this is going on, someone is watching the scene unfold via a magic mirror. Enter our villain: Baron Bad Blood, and his sidekick, a wormlike fuzzy creature named Cosmo.

Now Baron Bad Blood is very noticeable right from the get go. He has yellow skin. Yeah, yellow skin. In fact he looks like he came right out of Springfield. The baron casts a spell via rhyme and we immediately know his evil plan: To make the best lollipops in all the land, cue maniacal laughter. Yep our villain wants the magic lollipop so he can make the best lollipops in the land. Hey, we've had crazier schemes before, and this is a lollipop based economy. I gotta say he has a kick ass castle, all blood red, spiky and demonic,  and sitting within a barren wasteland.

Back in Tum Tum, the magic lollipop vanishes along with the three baby dragons (who were holding on to it). The trio arrive in Blood Castle and are cast in a net. As the Baron gloats over his victory, Cuddles uses his power on Cosmo to make him all lovey towards the Baron. While this is going on, Blue Eyes sends a telepathic message to Lollipop. It seems the dragons can utilize their powers in wider ways than we initially saw before. However, Cuddle's magic wears off and the Baron uses a magic medallion to hypnotize the young dragons. The whole brainwashing is rather freaky as the dragon's skin turns stone gray and their eyes become yellow and catlike. One wonders if they are still aware?

Meanwhile, back in Tum Tum, Lollipop has received the message and he along with the Prince and Princess go off to the Baron's castle to rescue their friends and get back the Magic Lollipop. Oh and also joining them is Harry Troll. He's kind of like a spider like creature. I didn't mention him before because he doesn't do much. Least in my opinion. Well in any case, they are off. Their first destination? The Forest of Mirrors; named as such due to literally being a forest of mirrors. As they walk, the disembodied voice of a woman warns them. Lollipop explains it belongs to the Invisible Lady, the spirit of the forest. Strange images dance within the mirrors taunting and frighting the party. How do they solve their fear? By singing a song of course!

The next song on the list is “Sing a Happy Song”. The song is a jolly upbeat tone with lyrics stating what makes the group happy. When I was a kid, this song made me hungry. Least when it got time for Prince Hubert's part of the song: “Hamburgers, french fries, ect.”. The song works and the party pushes on through, but they stop for the night. It's here we see the forest has the ability to make one's thoughts come to life. This is exemplified when Princess Gwendolyn thinks/wishes for a candle.

The next morning, the group arrives in the badlands and see Blood Castle in the distance. But, the Baron also notices them and with glee orders his mirror to destroy the approaching party. His mirror on the other hand is less than agreeable. Via rhyme it pretty much tells him “Do your own dirty work”. Short tempered, the Baron smashes his mirror to pieces. The mirror shards reform into silver birds which fire a beam opening up the castle gate. Revenge I take it? Yet just as they open, Cosmo sics the brainwashed little dragons on the group capturing Hubert, Gwen, and Harry while the Baron's guards restrain Lollipop.

Inside, the Baron's victory seems complete. That is until Hubert insults him. In retaliation he orders Blue Eyes to throw Hubert out the window. Dang the Baron is just a cruel. I swear I mean he's acting all happy that he's about to throw a child to his death. Just when it all seems lost, Hubert's medallion ends up breaking the Baron's hold over Blue Eyes. But this spell breaks right after she throws him out the window. Quickly she uses one of her beams to cushion Hubert's fall. She then breaks the spell over Glider and Cuddles rather easily, just a snap of her fingers. Maybe the spell was symbiotic? Like when Blue Eyes was free it weakened the hold over the other two? I'm just guessing though. They then trap the Baron in a net and they escape by sliding down Blue Eye's beams. I gotta say, she's my favorite of the little dragons (you go girl!).

But we see the Baron doesn’t give up so easily and he then chases after them in a car. Yeah, he has his own car. He also has the power to divide the land which he does after reciting a spell. More on how I think that works later. Luckily Lollipop uses his body as a bridge and the group makes it through the forest. Now you would think the Baron would cut his losses, slink off to his hideout, and plot his next evil scheme? You would be wrong. He leaps over the chasm he created and goes in after them on foot. His minion Cosmo doesn't go warning his boss that “You never what will happen to ya in the Forest of Mirrors.”.  Gotta give the Baron credit, he doesn't give up, even when he's been totally beaten.

In the forest, the group recovers only to see the Baron pressing towards them. This seems like a last stand, but no, instead, they hop on Lollipop and then Glider air lifts them out. He must employ some kind of magic field or something, because there is no way a kid that size can possibly lift a two hundred something reptile. Well regardless, they escape leaving behind an angry Baron who does the classical villain's “I'll get you!”.

Now I am a guy who believes in karma, and karma definitely catches up the the Baron at this point. Tree roots began to sprout at his feet and a rising bark coat begins to form. The voice of the Invisible Lady speaks telling the Baron how they'll see what kind of tree he would make. The Baron begs and pleads but soon he his entire body becomes tree, serving as a roost for the birdlike remnants of his mirror.

All ends well as the Magic Lollipop is returned to Tum Tum and the ceremony commences. The movie then ends with another musical number. A rock one with Hubert on the drums and Gwen on the guitar. The end song is pretty talking about being friends forever.

And so that was Lollipop Dragon, and....wait what? There's another special on here? Yep turns out this is two movies in one. And the next adventure you may ask? Why a Christmas one! Yep, two reviews in one. Lollipop Dragon: The Great Christmas Race.

The special starts off just like the first one did: with a song. In fact it's the same song, “Let the Magic Surround You”. The only difference is that everything is Christmas themed. Makes me wonder though? Does this take place in our world, or a fantasy world? The fact they celebrate Christmas shows that Jesus existed and died for our sins know? I'm just going to skip it and go with it. Christmas in a fantasy world, it's not like it hasn't been done before. Has it?

Well it's Christmas in the kingdom of Tum Tum and all is celebrating. All but one that is. And who may that be? Baron Bad Blood dun dun dun! Wait? The Baron's back and so is the magic mirror? Didn't the Baron smash it? And shouldn't he be a tree? Well it turns out this is set before the Magic Lollipop Adventure. Yeah, this was made in 1985 while the latter in 86. Funny, the MLA seems like it should have happened first. Don't Christmas episodes come later? I dunno it may be just me but the MLA feels like a first special.

Well back in Tum Tum, the king announces the Great Christmas Race (title drop). The winner will have their image imprinted upon a lollipop and the flavor of their choosing. The lollipops are then distributed by Santa Claus to children all over the world. Overhearing this, the Baron and his minion Cosmo decide to enter in order to ruin the holidays. This is when a song plays. Not sure of the name, but basically its everyone singing about the race and how they are going to win. It changes point of views between the good guys and the bad guys, each part containing different lyrics. It's not bad, but it's not good.

Everyone is prepared for the race and are divided into teams. However the Baron comes in declaring his right to race and reluctantly they agree. But the stakes are high as the Baron plans on making his lollipop flavor liver! The race begins and the Baron takes the lead. But the heroes don't give up. Even as the Baron employs every dirty trick he can pull. The race goes on till the baby dragons manage to loose themselves in the Forest of Mirrors. The voice of the Invisible Lady taunts them with images of the Baron. However, Cuddles saves the day by thinking about Christmas and all they will loose if the Baron wins. So they press on and continue onward. The group catches up with Lollipop and join with his sled so they all have an equal chance of winning. But just like Dick Dastardly, the Baron stops to cheat. And what better way to cheat than the old trowing a snowball over your enemies. But Lollipop puts a stop to it with his fire breath. Yeah, apparently Lollipop has fire breath. Makes sense considering he is a dragon. Oh yeah and Blue Eyes senses the snowball by some alert feature she seems to have. Just glows blue and gives off a siren. Man these guys just have powers out of nowhere.

Taking the lead, the heroes are sure to win that is until the Baron turns his sled into a rocket powered one. Dang this guy comes prepared I'll give him that. As he takes the lead, the Baron finds himself assaulted by snowballs by the angry townsfolk. In rage, Cosmo rips out the controls causing he and his boss to crash their ride. Lollipop and the gang win and as a reward all of their images are plastered upon a lollipop. The special ends with a song celebrating Christmas and all it stands for. Again, it's okay.

And so ends Lollipop Dragon. Now how does it hold up? Well personally I think it is a good eighties cartoon, but the Magic Lollipop Adventure is the one that stands out the most. It has a simple story, it introduces the characters, establishes the villain and his goals and is overall a better cartoon than the Great Christmas Race. As for the characters themselves. A majority of them are likeable, though I admit the heroes are kind of stale. They all seem to have one trait and that's about it. Namely the baby dragons. Really they are just one big gimmick. The villains are somewhat similar, but what can I say? That's how some cartoons are, especially in the eighties. What I do note about the Baron is that he is extremely short tempered. And that's ultimately what caused his downfall. What I found interesting was how his magic worked. Personally I think that the badlands his castle lay within was his domain and thus his magic has power there. The magic mirror was a way of transmitting his magic across distances. Least that is my theory.

Overall I give this cartoon an 7 out of 10. It's not the best cartoon but it is good enough it will entertain the kids. And so ends another review and I hope this was enjoyable for you as it was for me.
Lollipop Dragon Review
A review of a cartoon from my childhood. Been wanting to review this for a long time, but things kept getting in the way. Now it is up for you all to read and enjoy
What is life?

Life is good.

Life is bad.

Two sides all at once.

Which is truth?

How should we look at it?

Should we live in fear? Or live in hope?

One thing is certain, among all else.

Life is for living, no matter what the end.
Life is what it is and how you make it.
Does anyone remember the Goosebumps books growing up?
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Behold the Ugly Fruit by Noratcat
Behold the Ugly Fruit
This is nota bad fruit, it's the way it's supposed to look.
Does anyone remember the Goosebumps books growing up?
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